Sacred Heart
~Our Handsome Pomeranian Guys~
(Please Note - These Dogs Are My Breeding Stock)
Anything for sale, is being retired and is sold at a
reduced price, on a strict neuter contract.  If you want
to breed them, they will be priced at $1500
Sacred Hearts Snow Storm
Not Available
Sacred Hearts Dirty Harry
Pic current - BD 12-11-14
Available - $500/Neuter Contract
(See headliner)
Sacred Hearts Dante's Storm
Black/White Parti
Not Available
Sacred Hearts Remington Steele
Blue Tri
- 6 lbs
Not Available
Sacred Hearts Coco Puff
Orange Sable
- Not yet in full coat
here, but is gorgeous now. Weighs 5 lbs

Not available
Sacred Hearts Xquizitt Levi
Black Tri
- Does not have his full
coat here yet, but he is gorgeous now.

Not available
Sacred Hearts Mikaela's Bandito
Black/White Parti
Available for $2500