Sacred Heart
Price Negotiation

I certainly don't intend to sound rude with the following, but the
prices of my pups are NOT NEGOTIABLE, so please don't ask. I
think trying to negotiate price is insulting, and you probably wouldn’t
appreciate it if someone asked you to take less in your paycheck after
you’d worked very hard at your job. I believe that if you have to
negotiate the price of a puppy then there is a chance that you may
have to negotiate, at some point, on the care of the puppy and that's
NOT acceptable. Accidents can also happen and I'd hate to think one
of our puppies wouldn't receive the necessary medical care they
needed and would suffer unnecessary pain or even die just because
the new owner's budget didn't allow for emergency care.  If you want
to only spend a minimal amount for a puppy, then please find and
BUY a  puppy priced within your budget. Our prices also reflect the
“quality” of our puppies and I am NOT going to sell a puppy for less,
just because your budget won't allow you to pay full price or because
you're a college student, or because you had unexpected expenses last
month, or because you’re driving a long distance to see the puppy and
gas is expensive, or for any other reason.  Please also realize, that
"your budget", or “what you're willing to pay for a puppy”, has
absolutely no bearing on how much I have invested in my puppies, in
time, effort, food, vaccinations, worming, etc.

Also, I am aware of “scamming” by potential customers. If you're
someone wanting a “FREE” puppy, please do NOT bother contacting
me. I am aware of those giving a “sad story” (and trust me, I’ve
heard them ALL) just to get a free puppy! That's why I, and any
caring breeder, will always charge an adoption fee, even for animals
that can no longer be breeders, to ensure that this won't happen. I
would suggest going to your local animal shelter and saving a
homeless/abandoned animal ...but even there you will have to pay an
adoption fee.  So in short, if you don't want to spend any money to
acquire a new pet then maybe you should consider NOT even getting
one.... for the pet's best interest! Therefore, I reserve the right to
refuse sales/service to anyone I feel would be an unfit parent to any
of my puppies or adult dogs.
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