Sacred Heart
~Our Lovely Pomeranian Ladies~
These are my breeding stock.Some are
available for retirement/purchase. They are
labled. They are $500 EACH - SOLD ON
Daisy's Xquizitt Cloud
Merle with one blue eye
Not Available
Sacred Heart's Lavenders Xquizitt Daisy
Lavender Merle - BD 9/12/15
Available $500 - 6 lbs 9 oz
Sacred Heart's  Keno's Dottys Doll
Cream Parti - BD 7/17/14
Available $500  - 8 lbs 9 oz
Storms Xquizitt Mikaela
Not available
Storms Xquizitt Orange Lily
Available - $500/blowing her coat
now but this is her in full coat
Weight about 8 lbs - BD - 12/18/14
Top view of Dotty to show her
cream spots